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News this year: Cultural and event sailings
We sail to places in the Stockholm archipelago which is interesting in a cultural and historical perspective. We visit places with an interesting history and we visits art galleries and museums on the islands in the archipelago. Between all the cultural events we also learn how to sail and navigate one of the most beautiful sailing yachts in Stockholm with a length over 50 feet.

Read more about our cultural and event sails here

Day sailing
: Bring you family or friends and sail with us for a day in the archipelago

Each yacht takes up to 12 persons. Enjoy a whole day in the beautiful archipelago. An experienced captain is onboard and can help you with all practical things. We cook and eat onboard in a quite bay, why nor Swedish specialities such as herring. After we have dined we can swim and relax in the clear and fresh water, then we are sailing towards the home harbour. We can come and get you were you are or we can start the sailing from our home harbour at Saltsjöbaden just outside Stockholm.

More then one day: Our yachts can take up to 8 persons for overnight stay
Our yachts have 4 separate cabins with toilettes and showers. If you sail with us more than one day we can take you further out in the archipelago. In the outer archipelago the sceneries, nature and wild life is astonishing. We eat and live onboard and create a tour that you never will forget.

Weekend sailings: Experience a fantastic weekend in the archipelago
During peak season the inner archipelago is full of boats, both motor and sailing yachts. If you sail out with us to the outer archipelago you will experience a calm and very beautiful archipelago were we are much more alone and can enjoy the tranquillity and greatness of the nature and wildlife.

Theme sailings: Each year we arrange a lot of different theme sailings

Theme sailings are very popular. It can be everything from vine testing and cocking to hen parties. We come and get you were you are and leave you very you wish to stay the night ( if you don´t stay onboard with us!). We work with all the right and important restaurants and hotels in the archipelago.

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